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Get quality data for your research with CALERA®

Replace traditional and subjective monitoring tools with objective core body temperature data collected remotely, non-invasively and conveniently from the participants' home.


CALERA® Research for Core Body Temperature Monitoring

CALERA® Research is a Swiss patented heat-flux sensor and research device that eliminates outside environmental influences when monitoring core body temperature, and therefore delivers accurate results independent of the user’s physical activity level or external conditions.

The device provides access to high-resolution (1Hz) raw data including Core Temperature, Skin Temperature, Accelerometer, and Heat-Flux. Data is easily collected remotely, continuously, and non-invasively simply on skin-contact, thereby increasing participant efficacy. 

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Making Data Collection Easy for Everyone

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and Accurate

CALERA® Research sensor monitors core body temperature continuously, day and night. With one charge, it collects data for 6.5 days, offering a hassle-free experience.

- Continuous data collection
- Accurate body temperature

- Real-time remote data
- 1 Hz

patch or strap v2

Comfortable and

The only non-invasive solution that is both accurate and reliable for collecting core body temperature, ensuring high participant compliance. It is easy to wear, either as a patch or around the chest.

- Chest strap option
- Stick-and-Play patch
- Lightweight
- Waterproof

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Easy Data Access with
Secure Storage

The sensor automatically transfers data to a secure cloud platform. The accompanying software translates it into a clear and simple format for easy tracking of core body temperature.

- Automatic data transmission
- Manage all sensors remotely
- GDPR compliant
- Over 30 days stand-by time

A small device with strong features


Heat Flux Technology

Our heat flux sensors collect data easily on skin surface contact for Core Body Temperature analysis


The device is water and sweat-resistant. Your participants can take a shower and follow their usual hygiene routines

User-Friendly Reports

Results come in an accessible excel format, and easy to interpret for both participants and researchers


Our cutting-edge solutions, proudly crafted in Switzerland, are trusted by researchers and industries worldwide

Heart Rate Compatibility

Connect with multiple heart rate monitors. Every heart rate monitor that has ANT+ connectivity can be paired with CALERA Research

Long Battery Life

The device is easily recharged and has a battery life of 6.5 days


Our researchers come from diverse backgrounds worldwide, representing universities, hospitals, and laboratory institutes. Here are a few of our happy researchers:


ETH Zürich
Duke University
Hokkaido Uni
University of Cape Town
Michigan State Uni
Prince Sultan University

CALERA® Research FAQ 

Have more questions about CALERA® Research device? Download our brochure or send us an e-mail.

What data can I obtain from the device?

The device provides access to high-resolution (1Hz) raw data including Core Temperature, Skin Temperature, Accelerometer, and Heat-Flux.

How far does Bluetooth reach?

Bluetooth's limited range matters only during initial device connection. Once in logging mode, distance isn't a concern. CALERA® Research device can track core body temperature of users wherever they may be—whether at home, at work, or even in another country.

Data is stored and later downloaded from the research tool. 

How many CALERA® Research devices can be connected to the software?

There is no upper limit, with some researchers successfully using over 100 devices.

For which research purposes is the device suitable?

Our device can be implemented in various research scenarios where monitoring core body temperature is relevant.

We are collaborating with research partners working in fields that include but are not limited to sports performance, circadian rhythm studies, occupational health, women's health, neurological diseases as well as other chronic ailments.


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